Women In Music Awards: The debate on gender

Music awards are becoming ever popular throughout the industry, recognising individuals and organisations across the spectrum of different genres and categories. One of the latest awards to be announced is the new Women in Music Awards, recognising the 30 most influential women in the UK music business.

Music Week, alongside UK Music, The Association of Independent Music (AIM) and Nordoff Robbins, created the Women in Music Awards which will be held later this year at the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington, on Friday November 14th.

The awards are focusing on female executives from different aspects of the industry, with five special categories for individuals—Outstanding Achievement, Media Pioneer, Creative Inspiration, Rising Star and Campaigner…

…While it may seem admirable to be congratulating women for their success, there has been some backlash against the award. To many, it is seen a step backwards in gender equality. It’s a brash segregation of women within the music industry, an area which is already plagued with its own struggles.

There is a devastating gender gap within the music business. Statistically, the leading executives within the industry are far more likely to be male. If you think there is a shortage of female stars taking to the stage, the results are even bleaker behind the scenes.

Continue reading: http://www.kettlemag.co.uk/article/women-music-awards-debate-gender

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