My Mad Fat Diary returns for third and final series

My Mad Fat Diary is the E4 comedy-drama series based on the book My Fat, Mad Teenage Diary written by Rae Earl. The series launched in 2013, with a second series last year. Now Rae and the gang are back on our screens for a fabulous final series.

What makes My Mad Fat Diary such a success is its tackling of serious subjects with just the right amount of entertaining anecdotes. Set in Lincolnshire in the 1990’s, we follow the tale of music-mad Rae Earl, who returns to teenage life after spending four months in a psychiatric hospital. Rae is reunited with her best friend Chloe, who introduces her to “The Gang” – Finn, Archie, Izzy and Chop.

You’ve got plenty of teenage angst, body image issues, relationships, sex, friendships, family and more, with the undertone of Rae’s ongoing battle with mental health issues. It’s a stark and honest depiction of mental health; held high and tackled with a brilliant sense of humour.

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