August 7th: International Beer & India Pale Ale Day

Not that we need an excuse to celebrate the greatness of beer, but on August 7th brewers and hop heads worldwide can unite in their love of a great pint for International Beer Day. Even better than that, my favourite brew, the India Pale Ale, is recognised on the same day.

In a little bit of brew history for you, the IPA is an old English creation. As our ships sailed the seas, taking prized beer rations to India, a higher hop and alcohol content was needed as a preservative. Brew masters upped the hop levels of the traditional pale ale, and the India Pale Ale was born. Most English breweries stay true to this traditional mix, but my personal favourite is the American IPA, which typically has an even higher hop content. The IPA range includes doubles or triples, Belgian style, amber, red or black, so don’t be fooled into thinking there won’t be one for you!

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