Union Weekly: Pursuit of Hoppyness

A look at some of the best bars and breweries here, near and far…

Camdentown, London – A year in California was the start of a love affair with craft beer and breweries. Now back in England, I’m always on the lookout for a sense of the taste and atmosphere I fell in love with. I may have found just that, but with its own British edge, in the BrewDog bar in Camden.

This bar is London’s little brother to Scotland’s BrewDog brewery. Home of the British craft beer revolution, and provider of hardcore beers for punks, BrewDog has a distinctive attitude carried through in the delivery of its Camden bar. Whether you’re looking for nerdy craft beer paraphernalia, a taste of British brewing at its best, or a well-earned burger or hot dog after a day’s shopping in Camden Market—this is the place to be. Grab yourself a Punk IPA and soak up the sights and sounds of London with your fellow hopheads.

For more hoppy destinations head here.

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