New Band: Sonic Scream

Scream, shout and rock out – Unleash the power of Sonic Scream. 

Sonic Scream are a Hertfordshire based alternative rock band formed earlier this year. Founders Terry Knight (drums) and Sam Sergeant (guitar and vocals) will soon be rocking their way onto your play list and performing live in the local area. They describe their style as a blend of grunge and hard rock. I think this is a band to keep your eye on as they are screaming with potential.

The duo met at college in 2012, where they first played together on a cover of Ain’t No Sunshine by Bill Withers. Sam says: “We rarely worked together though the course, but in the second year I approached Terry with the idea of forming a band, knowing we had very similar music tastes.”

Last month Sonic Scream released a taster single and bonus track which is available for free download on their BandCamp page. The single Powerfuzzed is about the realisation that rising up doesn’t always work, and that some things can never change, says Sam. This is a great start for the band and my personal favourite of their tracks so far. The short, sharp lyrics are direct and forceful, definitely something you can’t ignore.

The bonus track Alive Again explores the journey of a man trying to get away from something: “Going from place to place getting his fix of the party life, none of which solves his problem.” There’s great variety between the tracks, proving Sonic Scream certainly isn’t a one-hit wonder.

Their latest single, Take Me Away with bonus track Perilous Jack,  has also met to great reception. Take Me Away is an expression of wanting to get away from someone. Terry describes the song as “wanting to get away to better yourself…then there’s a twist to it that you’re just being paranoid and over thinking it.” They feel that this is something that everyone experiences at some point in their life.

Perilous Jack is also one we can easily relate to, as its “about people who think they’re better than others and never do anything with their own life.” It’s clear that the bands lyrics are meaningful and an expression of things that are affecting them.

If you listen to the tracks the band have offered so far it’s filled with all the promise that Sonic Scream has to offer. This is definitely something a bit different, and they stand out from the crowd. You can feel the energy and enthusiasm itching to burst out of your speakers, unleashing the exciting live potential for the band.

The band are inspired by a variety of artists, Including Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Rage Against the Machine and System of a Down. Terry’s drumming idols include John Bonham and Buddy Rich. Sam’s influences come from the likes of Jimmy Page, Kurt Cobain and Jack White. With such an eclectic taste Sonic Scream are packed full of surprises.

Sonic Scream are currently looking for a like minded bassist to complete their trio and take the band to new levels. They describe their ideal bassist as “someone who’s committed, a good laugh… Some experience wouldn’t go a miss and similar music tastes are always a plus.” Ideally they are looking for someone in the Hertfordshire area with they’re own equipment. If you think this could be you then get in touch! 

With an EP under their belt, due for the release by the end of Summer, Sonic Scream’s hopes for the future are to “start rehearsing regularly with a bassist, release our EP and start gigging”.  They’ve already started work on their second EP, so have plenty more in store for us.

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