Alternative Fashion Alert – Rad Rabbit Clothing

Down the Rad Rabbit hole – Pulling a new brand out of the hat…

I always like to keep an eye out for new clothing labels, not much of a follower of mainstream fashion I’m on the lookout for quirky ideas and original designs. Over the past few months I’ve watched the growth of a new brand called Rad Rabbit, which has been promoted on social networking sites in the run up to the launch of its online store this month. 

Rad Rabbit Clothing is an independent company based in the UK. There are several potential designs bouncing around on their Facebook page, where you can vote for your favourites. Rad Rabbit seem keen to listen to their fans, letting them make the decision on which designs are to be printed. I caught up with the founder to find out more. The first design to hit the store is the slogan “I hope you step on lego.” Following the launch the next print to be released features the Rad Rabbit logo, my personal favourite so far. 

RR Image 300x300 Alternative Fashion Alert   Rad Rabbit Clothing

Twitter: @Rad_Rabbit

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