Comment: Disabilities at University

An Oxford University student has alleged that she was discriminated against due to her disabilities, by not being granted extra time in exams.

At this point in time, we can’t verify or deny these accusations. Instead, this response is a generalised comment on the treatment of students with disabilities, drawing on my own experiences over the last four years.

Firstly, if this student has been discriminated against, then I am truly shocked. Not only by the discrimination itself but by the university in question. The University of Oxford is ranked 3rd in the world, according to Times Higher Education. A university in such a prestigious position should be setting a precedent for others.

Every student deserves the opportunity to access education. For some students, like those with disabilities, some amendments are needed to make that access possible. This doesn’t just refer to physical accessibility of the university campus, but includes the vast array of physical, learning, and mental disabilities. Everyone has different learning styles and capabilities and these should be respected through teaching and assessment methods.

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One comment

  1. I do not have much input to add besides i hope the student had talked with the appropriate people ahead of time so the disabilities were known prior to the exam. At least that way this student might have a fighting chance at whatever outcome would be fair. I believe if they accepted this student into their university they should be obliged to do whats necessary to accommodate that persons individual needs. And im not saying hand him or her their diploma because they cant do it on their own no. just give them the equal fighting chance the rest of us have.


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