WW1 Diary Finds its Way Home

My posts have been on the quiet side for a while now, as I have been preoccupied with a story which is very close to home. As a journalist I’m used to having to search far and wide for a story, but recently a story has found me.

A letter was written to my local newspaper about a soldier’s diary which belonged to a Private. W. Mardell in 1916. The founder of the diary was looking for any members of the family who were still in the area and would want the diary. I quick trace of the family tree revealed that Walter Mardell was in fact my Great, Great Grandfather.

With the diary on it’s way to me and interest from the local paper and historians, I set about starting my own research into our new family treasure. I haven’t had much experience in history and this type of investigative story is fairly new to me, but I’ve been very busy and enjoyed every moment.

Alongside researching the family history to find out more about my World War 1 ancestor, I have also been transcribing the diary. The entries depict Private Walter’s time in the trenches in France and proved a very interesting read.

I’ll be compiling all of my findings and writing up about my research soon and hope this will prove of interest to more people. Keep your eyes on this page as there will be more to come!

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