How Blogging Can Lead to a Career in Journalism

University of Hertfordshire 

The School of Humanities was visited by food blogger Ren Behan who led a talk on “How Blogging Can Lead to a Career in Journalism.” Ren’s blog is called ‘Fabulicious Food’ and can be found online at

After studying to be a lawyer, Ren took a career change after becoming a mother of two. She headed to the kitchen and started her own blog featuring recipes inspired by her Polish heritage. Blogging has opened a variety of doors for Ren, who has also taken to photography, journalism, and recipe development. 

The year, Fabulicious Food was featured on Woman & Home’s 100 Best Food Blogs list; they said they loved the “seasonal, family-friendly food with a local twist” and that “the blog is updated all the time”. 

Writing a blog can build your connections within an industry, provide a portfolio and reference for yourself and, naturally, develops your writing and editing skills. “Your aim when writing a blog is to build an audience and build a community around yourself and what you write,” said Ren. 

She advised aspiring journalists that: “Ultimately you are the writer, the journalist, the columnist, and you should be using your blog to get better known at the thing you want to be known for.” 

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