Zombie Apocalypse Invades UH

Earlier this month students at the University of Hertfordshire were faced with safety announcements of a Zombie nature on StudyNet…

College Lane had indeed been infected with a plague of zombies, the infection could reach anyone, even your childhood friend Pikachu! The only hope of survival was to get together your team and complete the RaG Zombie Chase on the evacuation day. 

The chase took place through a series of locations around College Lane Campus. Teams of survivors registered throughout the day, and were given a map to guide them to each of the checkpoints. Along the way a team from the Skirmish Society were available to help them to evade zombie capture and reach the finish line with all of their lives intact. Contact with a zombie was sure to lose you a life and send you screaming!

The route had survivors fleeing through the forest, alleyways, lecture theatres and University corridors. Although the Skirmish Society did their best to protect the survivors, one of their men was captured by the zombies and held hostage in the Hutton Building. It was down to the survivors to rescue the wounded soldier before it was too late and the infection had taken over!

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