Folkstock brings acoustic music to Herts

In an exciting new venture Helen Meissner has organised an innovative music festival, bringing together talented folk and acoustic musicians in Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas. On the 21st of September, Herts will host the first ever Folkstock Festival at Aldenham Country Park, as part of a series of events by the Folkstock Foundation project. Tickets for the festival cost just £10 for students and £20 for adults, in a bid to make music affordable and accessible to all.
Helen became involved in the realm of arts and music two years ago, when her daughter “started writing songs with her band of ukele wielding friends,” she said. “I was fascinated by the sounds they could come up with and the gorgeous harmonies they were creating and really got into the music.” This humble beginning, which became known as The Folk, led to Helen’s immersion into the music industry, where she has thrived on the local talent surrounding us in Hertfordshire.

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