Marketing Volunteer at Relate

Recently I have been working as a Marketing Volunteer for the counselling charity Relate Central & Northern Hertfordshire. This has been a 3 month placement, working 1-2 days per week on various aspects of marketing, publicity, PR and social media.

I have been working alongside the company CEO to develop a marketing strategy for Relate CNH, with my main focus on developing their online presence. This has been achieved through directory listings, social media, and links with other local organisations. I have also played a key role in forming relationships with local press in Hertfordshire. Relate are keen to continue with this work and build a presence in the local area, working alongside press and other organisations.

At the end of July I will be leaving my position at Relate to start my Study Abroad year at California State University, Long Beach. They are seeking a new volunteer to assist with marketing and promotional activities. Some knowledge of marketing would be beneficial, but more important is to be committed, reliable, to be comfortable engaging with people from all backgrounds, and to be able to work independently.

This has been a worthwhile and valuable experience for me, developing skills and knowledge of marketing and PR which will further my future career. I would highly recommend the position, as I have really enjoyed being part of Relate. I’ll be watching with interest to see how their marketing strategy develops, and the progress that they make in the local area.

For more information please contact Austin at


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