Opinion: US vs. UK Healthcare

The debate over private and public healthcare is constantly ongoing and evolving with recent demands for reforms
As an international student from the U.K., I’ve been left with many concerns about healthcare since traveling to America. Before even arriving in the U.S., I spent more money than I cared to imagine on the compulsory student medical insurance.

For someone who has grown up with the National Health Service, this was shocking.

In my experience, the NHS has been very popular. If you’ve relied on the NHS to save your life or for long-term care, you appreciated the benefits of free healthcare as a given right.

Some people have high expectations of the NHS. In the fast-moving field of medicine, there is a demand for the latest treatments and drugs. 

This is something that cannot always be accommodated for by the stringent budget of the NHS. 

Continue reading: http://www.daily49er.com/opinion/2013/12/08/us-uk-healthcare-systems-each-offer-unique-benefits-drawbacks/

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