Music Reload Album Review: Periphery – Clear

Clear is an experimental EP giving each member of Periphery the opportunity to become the main creative director behind a song and explore the different styles within the band.

Formed by Misha Mansoor in 2005, Periphery have become known for their strong progressive djent sound and skilful instrumentalism. Bordering the line between an EP and an album, Clear was created during a break from working on their next full-length release. With seven songs running just under 30 minutes this is a fleeting grace leaving expectations high for Juggernaut.
Released on Jan 28th 2014, Clear serves as an embodiment of Periphery as a whole. While some die-hard fans might be turning their backs this is an interesting new direction that stays true to the Periphery sound. Fuelled by a bold intention and adhering to the vision of each member, these tracks are an insight into their respective styling and passions.

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