Kids Without Instruments

Bonded by technology to create music

In a realm of online dating there is a lesser known trend of online band mating, which is the case of Marion Racimo and Frankie Contreras who met over social media site Tumblr.

Drawn together with acoustic covers, 8-bit YouTube renditions, and a shared love for the band Crystal Castles, Kids Without Instruments was born.

DIG Magazine: Photo by Carli Critchfield

By sending each other beats and ideas online, these two singer-songwriters created music together before they met in person. In 2011, they were brought together at CSULB, both majoring in film and electronic arts. 

With a series of shows in the local area and the release of their first self-titled extended play, they caught the eyes and ears of the alternative music scene. 

Their motto is, “We are Kids Without Instruments. We don’t play instruments. Except on stage.”

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DIG March Innovation issue: (Page 7)

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