Opinion: In Defense Of The Commons

CSULB Housing recently announced plans to convert the suite kitchen and living room common areas in Hillside College buildings (A through F) into double bedrooms.

This shared space for residents is a crucial part of the dorm experience and one of the preferable aspects in choosing Hillside residency. Many fellow residents and I feel that Housing is not considering students’ voices in their decisions.

Housing renovations are robbing students of community 

The study rooms and common lounges in Los Alamitos and Los Cerritos Halls are also being converted, as part of plans to create more rooms. This follows the influx of housing applicants this year which resulted in some Beachside College residents being placed in the first triple-occupancy rooms.  
By creating more rooms there is the potential for more residents, which means more money for Housing, but should this be their main priority if existing residents are not happy?

Continue reading: http://www.lbunion.com/index.php/columns/opinions

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