And why I love my Kindle…

First and foremost I am a self proclaimed book worm. Nothing appeals to me more than curling up with a new book, whether it’s a chart topper, renowned classic, or that mysterious dust covered tome you unearth at the back of a bookstore. I’ve been known to get so engrossed in a book that I will walk around fulfilling the cliché of having your head in a book (don’t try this at home – you will walk into something!)
So when the Kindle craze began and various E-readers started cropping up around me I wasn’t at all interested. Surely this was in some way sacrilegious? How could it compare to the pleasure of holding a real book and turning the pages? How could a piece of technology compete with my growing book-shelf collection?
This was my firm state of mind until I had my first Kindle experience. The E-ink screen was outstanding; it really does look like a real page from a book! Holding the device in my hand I found it strangely comfortable and all too easy to use. Browsing through the array of books available (and being pleasantly surprised by the prices) I was hooked. I was holding the library of my dreams in the palm of my hand with all my favourite books just a click away.

It’s now a year down the line and I use my Kindle every day. I browse the selection of new books and personalized recommendations; I tuck it into my handbag on the way out just in case I can steal a moment alone with my latest read; and it’s never far when I curl into bed for that final chapter at the end of the day.  It’s a constant companion and probably the soundest investment into gadgetry I’ve ever made (and I’ve succumbed to my fair share of shiny new gadgets).
But fear not traditionalists out there, I haven’t abandoned our printed and bound friends! All my must-haves are lining the shelves in their true form. I still can’t resist the magnetic force that draws me into a book store to see what undiscovered novel catches my eye. Most importantly I still dig out an old favourite just to enjoy the feel of a real book in my hands.
So although I would definitely recommend an E-reader to fellow avid bookworms, or those looking to expand their literary horizons, it’s safe to say I won’t be turning my back on classics as classics should be just yet. 


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