Kettle Album Review: For The Fallen Dreams – Heavy Hearts

Metalcore quartet For The Fallen Dreams from the US state of Michigan released their fifth studio album Heavy Hearts on April 8th via Rise Records. Bringing back their original screaming frontman Chad Ruhlig, For The Fallen Dreams promised a return to their roots.

This recurrent statement for many bands can both create hype and anger the sceptics amongst old fans who have their hopes set too high.

For The Fallen Dreams are no strangers to change, with an impressive 25 members passing through their doors since 2003. The band seems to have landed back on track with the return of Ruhlig, who proves he is deserving of this reinstatement. Crying back to their 2008 release Changes, Ruhlig’s vocals carry this album through, interrupted with less clean vocals than the band’s most recent releases.

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