KettleMag Album Review: Beartooth debut Disgusting

Beartooth have been kicking up a storm for hardcore fans since the Sick EP in 2013, and through some outstanding live performances. At the beginning of 2014 Beartooth announced work on content for a full album and have been letting loose with promo and teasers in a bid to build anticipation.
Luckily, Disgusting does not disappoint from such high hopes.
Beartooth is born of previous Attack Attack! vocalist Caleb Shomo, who is responsible for the writing, singing, producing and playing of all instruments for Disgusting. It’s hard to believe that Shomo is only 21, but he’s been touring with bands since he was just 15 and delves into deep emotional content for his music.
I’ve been keeping an eye on Beartooth since seeing them support August Burns Red last November in Los Angeles. I was struck by Shomo’s raw forceful vocals, and the passionate, gritty sounds of the band.

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