On the mission for music with The Glass Child

The tale of Charlotte Eriksson isn’t just one of music. It’s one of a dream, and the adventure you take to make it come true. Sometimes that’s braving the unknown, and sometimes it’s just following what’s in your heart.

From being a young 17 year old girl in Sweden, Charlotte’s journey took her to London and beyond as she dedicated her life to music and became independent artist The Glass Child.

“I never really felt comfortable or at home in the place where I grew up,” Charlotte said.

“I always felt like I was supposed to be somewhere else, that I belonged with a different group of people, so I always knew that I would leave as soon as I was finished with school…I knew that I wanted to spend my life creating that magical feeling of belonging, that I got from writing, playing and just living with music.”

Continue reading: http://www.kettlemag.co.uk/article/mission-music-glass-child

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