Street harassment is a serious problem

Earlier this week a new video went viral. Unsurprising. But this wasn’t a cute animal or hilarious prank. This time the video that was cropping up all over my newsfeed was addressing the issue of catcalling and street harassment. ‘10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman’ shows the journey of one woman and the typical verbal abuse received every day by women all over the world.

Actress Shoshana Roberts was filmed with a hidden camera for 10 hours while walking around Manhattan, during which she was catcalled more than 100 times. Creators Rob Bliss Creative, the viral video marketing agency, and non-profit Hollaback!, are calling the video a public service announcement. The two minute video has already been viewed over 20 million times and has received over 50,000 comments.

It seemed that a commonplace issue of everyday sexism was finally receiving the recognition it deserves.

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