Behind the scenes: Herts Freshers 2015

Herts Freshers Trident Media
Image: Bill Ahmed | Trident Media

At the University of Hertfordshire, our new students moved in at the end of September, but it’s genuinely taken me this long to recover. Now, I’m not writing this as another fresher who enjoyed one too many nights at The Forum (our on-campus club) but rather as my first time working Freshers’ Week with the Hertfordshire Students Union.

I can tell you first hand that being behind the scenes for Freshers’ mainly involves lots of late nights and early mornings, not including the weeks of planning beforehand. It’s manic and stressful, you don’t eat or sleep properly, and it proves that freshers’ flu isn’t just for the students!

However, putting all of that aside I can honestly say it was a great experience. I never got to be a part of the whole moving in thing, as I commuted throughout my time at Herts, so having the opportunity to see the other side of Freshers’ this time round was an opportunity not to be missed.

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