Lit Review: The Gift

The Gift by Cecilia Ahern (2008)

If you could wish for one gift this Christmas what would it be?
Well I’m afraid it wouldn’t be this book. After the success of Ahern’s novel ‘Ps I Love You’ when this title caught my eye I thought it would be well worth a read. Unfortunately it was lacking the Christmas magic it so desperately promised.
The plot itself is certainly commendable, although at times it bore a striking resemblance to the novel come film ‘Limitless’. Magic pills for an overworked high flyer got the jingle bells ringing for anyone? However there were some original aspects and the moral lesson combined with some Christmas spirit really helped it along its way.
Unfortunately I found neither of the main characters particularly likeable. High flying businessman Lou and his unexpected aid Gabe were difficult to connect with, leaving me at odds with their tale.
Although wrapped in mystery and topped with the neat bow of intrigue, The Gift became disappointingly predictable. Even the crashing ending was ruined by an all too obvious premonition, killing the shock factor that this book sorely needed.
Maybe I’m just being a bit of a Grinch in need of some Christmas charm , (after all I was reading this in July!) but for me The Gift didn’t warm my heart or have me jumping for joy. I won’t be recommending it as a stocking filler next Christmas, and if Santa dropped it down my Chimney I’d be sending it straight back.

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