Online Magazine: is an online magazine founded in 2012. It offers daily posts from young enthusiastic journalists from around the world. Yuppee magazine “Inspires writers and readers and brings the two together”.

If you are a budding writer Yuppee aims “To provide a platform for journalists to have a voice.” It’s an opportunity to take your first steps into the journalism world. Contributors work on a volunteer basis, with talented writers striving to deliver the stories that they are passionate about. This is a great opportunity for young writers to expand their experiences.

As a reader Yuppee offers a selection of interesting and original articles. You can click on the sections which interest you; choosing from a range including news, film, music, culture and sports; or browse the latest posts. There is something for everybody. Yuppee’s policy is “To let our writers have the freedom to express themselves in imaginative and stimulating articles” and readers certainly reap the benefits of this.

I have been lucky enough to begin writing for Yuppee, and I look forward to embracing the opportunity. I believe that online journalism is the way forward, and personally rely on the internet for news and features. Yuppee is a great opportunity for me to have my writing published on an online magazine, and interact with other like minded journalists.

To start reading or to get in touch Yuppee can be reached in the following places:

Twitter: @YuppeeMag

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