Inside the Management Roster with Efferus

Every band dreams of stardom, constantly seeking the next step towards success. Starting out in Hertfordshire can be a difficult journey to embark on, but there is hope on the horizon.
Efferus are one such band who are heading in the right direction, following in the footsteps of other local success stories like the Gallows, Enter Shikari and Floods. Starting out in Stevenage in 2008, the metal prowess of Efferus caught the attention of a management label, and they have been on the rise since.
Efferus are Alex Tasker (voccals), Niall Crisp (bass), Matt Briars (guitar), and drummer James Allen. They have earned a reputation for their tight, powerful live performances, having supported the likes of Sacred Mother Tongue, Romeo Must Die, and Spirytus.

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