30 Percent of Exchange Students from Germany & UK

The students say the weather and the beach make California an attractive destination
Cal State Long Beach has become a popular place for German and British students.

CSULB is hosting 145 direct exchange international students this fall, and of that group, 22 students come from each Germany and the United Kingdom.

According to Jennifer Orem, education abroad adviser, the 145 students includes just those on a direct exchange, not all international students studying on campus this semester. Last year, CSULB saw 135 direct exchange international students.

Wolfgang Jentner, from the University of Konstanz in South Germany, said his decision to study at CSULB was easy.

“It’s very good ratings, the large campus and the large variety of courses influenced me,” Jentner said. 

Continue reading: http://www.daily49er.com/news/2013/09/15/30-percent-of-exchange-students-from-germany-uk-this-year/

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