Speaker Provokes More Than 50 Incident Reports From Students

Photo: Todd Johnson Daily 49er
A speaker carrying signs that read “Homo sex is a god damned sin” and “Abortion is a god damned sin” drew crowds to the free speech lawn on Wednesday and resulted in 50 incident reports submitted to Student Life and Development.

Julie Potter from KBeach radio collected the signed reports and submitted them yesterday afternoon.

“I feel like he [the speaker] crossed the line,” Potter said. “It’s self-love week, and he’s spreading all this hate.”

The speaker was wearing a badge labelled Mitchell Howard but identified himself as Paul Mitchell.

A crowd of students gathered around Mitchell and argued about his views, which included that “those who don’t believe in Christianity are idiots.”
“I saw students yelling and screaming at him,” said Rodrigo Rubi, a freshman pre-biology major. 

Continue reading: http://www.daily49er.com/news/2013/09/26/speaker-provokes-more-than-50-incident-reports-from-students-deck/

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