Spectacle: Behind the Ska Scenes – The Two Tone Boners

K. de Neef Photography
The Two Tone Boners delivered a ska-filled night mixed with the drama of rogue members and late night revelations.
On Tuesday Oct. 8, The Two Tone Boners took to The Airliner in Los Angeles, alongside The Rude Smugglers and DispenSka. As the band filled the small space downstairs, few of the fans knew that just moments before it was doubted whether the show would even go on.
Gathered in the parking lot with cars of gear half-unpacked, the atmosphere was tense with stress and speculation filling the air.
Twelve people had assembled in the elusive “Boner Cave” (Bassist Julio Gurrola’s garage) in El Monte, California, earlier that night. 

Filling the small space with instruments and musical antics were members of The Two Tone Boners and The Rude Smugglers, joined by friends and followers of the bands.

However, one person was strikingly absent and, moments before the show was scheduled to start, had still not appeared.

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