The Music Xchange review: The Devil Wears Prada

American metalcore The Devil Wears Prada gave an impeccable performance, with tight instrumentalism and outstanding vocal harmonies.
Take Action Tour: March 14th @ The Glass House, Pomona, CA.
Nothing builds anticipation in the crowd quite like the first few chords from The Devil Wears Prada, which come echoing out through the smoke as you stare up at their signature backdrop. The illuminated logo, impressive lights and smoke effects used by this band are all part of the impressive ambience and unforgettable performance that Prada bring to the stage, taking their incredible music to a new level at every live show. 
For this tour, Prada deliver an array of their music, with offerings from their latest release 8:18, including the title track, through their backlog of old favourites. They delivered a great variety to The Glass House, from their slow and melancholic numbers to the relentlessly fast-paced tracks which drive the pits into disarray. Prada know how to change their pace and keep it captivating through the entire set, proving their dynamics as a band with plenty to offer.

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