TV Anchor wore the same suit for a year to highlight gender inequality

This week my newsfeeds have been buzzing with a suit. This isn’t a new creation from a famous designer. It isn’t a celebrity style feature. It’s not a big fashion statement. The suit in question is a blue knock-off Burberry suit worn by Australian TV anchor Karl Stefanovic every day for a year. (Well not quite every day, he did clean it occasionally!)

So what’s surprising about this? The fact that nobody noticed. Stefanovic shared the plan with his co-host Lisa Wilkinson and one other member of the Today show. Yet not a single viewer or producer noticed…

……As we strive for a society of gender equality this is one of the factors that just won’t budge. No matter what their role or profession, women are repeatedly judged on their appearance. In the media world, whether that’s music artists or TV presenters, being thrown into the limelight doesn’t mean your talent is on show, its looks that matter.

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