Guest Post: The Power Of Blogging For Awareness

From Sally Burch 

 I am honoured to have been asked to write a guest post here to launch Kealie’s SeeME campaign for M.E. Awareness Month.
There are so many stories that need to be told, and Kealie has generously offered to host these on her blog throughout the month of May. What a great idea – Perhaps you know of some-one who might like to contribute?
My own story includes a lifestyle considerably restricted by ME, so I have found blogging to be a powerful way to interact with like-minded people. Indeed, I now keep three blogs: one about ME, one for my Sewing exploits and one for Dog Agility; and each one with quite a different audience.
So what is the appeal of blogging? And why is blogging so powerful?
Personally, I follow a large number of blogs, because I find something fascinating about hearing people’s stories. It can be like dipping into a secret diary, because threaded through the main content of each blog, are little snippets of the individual’s real life. I love that.
Blogs can also say much more than can be included in a Twitter or Facebook conversation and the record is more permanent. Important posts can be referred back to using links at any time in the future. Consequently, the time and effort to write these posts are worthwhile.
So on May 12th, I will talk about ME on each of my blogs; it is a big part of my story after all. And I hope most of my readers are like me: a little curious about back-stories.
Actually, May 12th is Awareness Day not just for ME, but also for FMS, Lyme & MCS. That’s Fibromyalgia Syndrome, Lyme Disease (a tick born disease that resembles ME) and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. And of course you already know that ME is short for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis!
These are all illnesses that can co-exist, be misdiagnosed one for another, and which are largely medically misunderstood. All need more awareness and better treatments! All need a voice! And NOW is a great time to shout out!
So, this seems the perfect opportunity to talk about #May12BlogBomb, a campaign I am launching from my ME blog (Just ME) to encourage people to write for May 12th. There has been a fantastic response to this idea to date, with posts already promised from: UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Japan, Australia, Israel and Germany.
I hope some of you will follow the #May12BlogBomb tag on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites to see the response. I’m also hoping to collate links to all the posts promoted using this tag onto a page on Just ME, so consider taking a peep there too. Of course if you are tempted to write, but don’t have a blog, you only need ask. Kealie has offered to host guest posts, and I will also be doing so.

I wish Kealie huge success with her See ME campaign and hope that she, and her guest bloggers, will make a great awareness impact. I know I have her blog bookmarked already, I hope you do too!

Best wishes Kealie and thank you again for the invitation to guest post on your blog.

Links to other #May12th #MEawareness Events:

My “Just ME” campaign: #May12BlogBomb

FB page co-ordinating events for #May12th

FB page co-ordinating a campaign to Light up the Night in the colours: Blue – ME, Purple – Fibro and Green – Lyme & MCS

Please also consider supporting this petition for better care for ME and Fibro patients here in N.Ireland. I mention I’m from Northern Ireland, and that there are no specialist clinics here for either ME or Fibro? 😉

Thanks for your post Sally!
If anyone else would like to contribute please send me a comment or email – I would love to hear from you! 

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