Union Weekly Music: Goodybye Cool World

Going home with fond memories of the Long Beach underground scene 

Leaving England to study abroad in Long Beach for a year has been more than I could have hoped for. Whenever I reminisce about this year I will certainly think of the incredible people I’ve met who are passionate about creating a thriving local music scene.
I owe a lot of my discoveries to the CSULB Underground MusicSociety, becoming involved with the society allowed me to engage with a group of students dedicated to promoting local artists by hosting shows on campus and around Long Beach. I’ve been a part of many great events and found some new favourite bands along the way.
One of my most unexpected discoveries was unearthed at my first UMS show, ska band The Two Tone Boners. With a love for punk and metal, I never would have expected to spend my time with this El Monte band, but they say studying abroad opens up new opportunities and this was certainly something different.
At the same show I also discovered Struckout, fronted by UMS vice-president Daniel Speer. These three great guys with an incredible raw energy introduced me to the local DIY punk sccene and have performed at some memorable shows.

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