Challenge Yourself with No Supermarket September

Fancy a new challenge? Why not try No Supermarket September?

The event aims to promote the use of local produce, taking away profits and power from supermarkets.

No Supermarket September is about showing supermarkets that you want a diverse choice of locally grown, responsibly sourced, nutritionally sound, safe and tasty food. Kettle Mag spoke with Ash Lydiate from Bare Yields, who are promoting the event. The idea came from a friend of theirs, Adam Craddock.

“He’s been a great supporter of ours from the start and has a great mind on him,” Lydiate said. “We offered to act as a springboard for the idea using our existing outlets and networks.”

By taking the challenge you join a group that says:

“From the 1st September, we will refuse to buy ANY food from ANY supermarkets for 30 days in a big to bring back the love for small-time local growers, greengrocers, farmers’ markets and any other food vendors you can find in your town that aren’t life sucking chain-stores of despair! Even better, you can get out and forage or grow your own.”

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Join the Bare Yield’s Facebook event now:
Or join in on Twitter with #NoSupermarketSeptember

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