A Cuppa Music: 14/09/14

I’m glad to be starting this new Kettle Mag feature with such an interesting week. We kicked off to a controversial start with the release of U2’s new album Songs of Innocence. While a 13th studio album is undoubtedly an impressive feat, it was the distribution tactics that got the music world a buzz.

This album miraculously appeared in the iTunes libraries of over half a billion people across 119 countries on September 9th, making it one of the biggest album releases. It’s definitely one way to get people to listen to your music, but most of the reaction I saw was more pissed off than pleased. If you missed out on the initial album attack, you can still get a free copy on iTunes for the next five weeks, before the release of a deluxe version next month.

Continue reading for my top picks from the new music releases this week:

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