Ratings to be enforced on online music videos

David Cameron has announced that starting from October music videos online will carry an age classification. The government are piloting the scheme, working alongside YouTube, Vevo and the British Board of Classification, in an aim to protect children from “graphic content” online.

For children growing up in the internet age there are many concerns over the dangers of adult content which is classified elsewhere, but is difficult to enforce online. While parents should be responsible in taking action to protect their own children, it is considered that there should be more rules governing online content.

The Prime Minister has said that they will be helping parents to protect their children by piloting the age rating of music videos online. He said that the internet should not be treated as a lawless space, and must adhere to the normal rules of society. If you are buying music content offline it carries an age rating, and this should be recreated on the internet.

Continue reading: http://www.kettlemag.co.uk/article/ratings-be-enforced-online-music-videos

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