What are the advantages of student media experience?

Joining student media has been one of the most valuable opportunities, and I’m confident it will help me further my journalism career. Whether it’s a student group at your university, or an online student publication like Kettle, you’ll gain the skills and experience needed to break into the industry. You’ll also have loads of fun along the way too!

In my first year at university, I started as a writer for my student media publications, and have since worked my way up through various sub-editor positions and into the role of Print Editor for my final year. This has been alongside my position as Music Editor for Kettle, and all sorts of other freelance opportunities. I even got involved with student media during my study abroad year in Long Beach, California. There have been countless benefits of these opportunities and my time as a student wouldn’t have been the same without it.

Continue reading: http://www.kettlemag.co.uk/article/what-are-advantages-student-media-experience

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