Exploring the world of travel photography with Karen Catchpole

More than 70 million people use Instagram every day. Of those pictures, over 38,000,000 are tagged #travel, and almost 100,000 with the more specific #travelphotography. When everyone armed with a smartphone and an Instagram filter thinks they’re the next big travel photographer, are we losing the art of travel photography?

One person who certainly doesn’t think so is Karen Catchpole, a soon-to-be photography graduate who found her passion for travel during a study abroad year in Perth, Australia.

“Before I’d done a lot of fashion, portraiture and wedding photography, all people based,” she said. “I never really liked landscapes at all, and then I went to Australia and found all this inspiration. I got loads of pictures and the travel bug hit me.”

While some might struggle to find photography inspiration in England, Karen has done most of her photography here, and found study abroad as a way out. Since then, she has also travelled to New York, and plans to make Dubai one of her next stops.

Continue reading: http://tridentmedia.org/travel-photography-with-karen-catchpole/

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