How to Start a Revolution: Interview with Lucy-Anne Holmes

The internet holds a powerful potential for social movements and campaigns. One woman wielding that power is Lucy-Anne Holmes, founder of NoMorePage3. Following the success of her campaign, Holmes has now shared her experience in the book How to Start a Revolution.

Throughout the book Holmes shares key tips and advice on starting your own campaign, while telling the story of NoMorePage3 (NMP3). It’s honest and insightful, and a must-read for supporters and future campaigners alike.

The NMP3 campaign was born in the summer of 2012, a key moment in time because of the London Olympics.

“During the Olympics I remember getting a copy of The Sun and being really curious about my response to the Page 3 image that day,” Holmes said. “It really alarmed me. I’d been reading about men and women athletes, feeling inspired by the Olympics, and then you get this soft porn image. It felt like a slap in the face. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and how that was the largest image of a woman in the whole paper. What does that say about women’s place in society?”

This initial shock made Holmes delve deeper, asking more questions about the representation of women.

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