Discovering feminism through studying the media

As I start welcoming others to join me in the Viral Feminism journey, it seemed apt time to share my own story. This is how I discovered feminism, and the views which grew into the foundation for this blog.

I first came across issues of sexuality in the media during my first media studies classes, aged 14. Our teacher shared the statement “Sex sells,” but before long I began to realise that it wasn’t just any sex that sold, it was the sexualisation of women.

This pattern emerged throughout all aspects of our studies, in films, music, magazines, advertising and more. There didn’t seem to be a single platform that was free from gender stereotypes or images objectifying women.

As I moved through my teenage years and into further education I followed my interest in media studies. This meant I was constantly focusing on the gendered issues within the media from a classroom context. Yet I couldn’t understand why there wasn’t an awareness of this outside of the classroom, in the real world where this media exists and impacts our daily lives.

You’re probably reading this and thinking ‘well that’s obvious’ but to a young teenage girl I wasn’t aware of these things and hadn’t learnt to recognise them. I certainly wasn’t in a position to see it is as the huge problem I know it to be today.

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