Why should you get involved with student media at university?

Whether you’re studying journalism or media, or you’re an aspiring astrophysicist looking for an interesting hobby, student media could be for you. So whether you’re a soon-to-be Fresher or a returning student looking to get involved with something new, look no further.

Chances are your university probably already has a student media group on campus, whether that’s a newspaper, magazine, blog, radio, or TV station – and if it doesn’t, start one! There are plenty of options available; some student media groups are part of the Students’ Union and others are run independently; some are entirely student led, while others have paid staff members. Once you start looking, you’re sure to find plenty of students with similar interests and the support to get things started.

For those who are interested in the media industry, you’ll get the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and a range of skills, including writing, editing, presenting, filming and more. Alongside your degree you could find yourself producing a newspaper, hosting live on the radio, or presenting a TV show.

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