Is 2016 the year for feminist resolutions?

It seems like feminism has been a bit of a buzz word for the last 12 months. From Jennifer Lawrence speaking out against the wage gap, Amber Rose’s Slut Walk, the release of Suffragette, trends like #ShoutYourAbortion and #SayHerNameMisty Copelandbecoming the American Ballet Theatre’s first black woman principal dancer, to Serena Williams honoured as Sports Illustrated Sports Person of the Year and more.

Yet no matter how far we’ve come, there’s still much more to achieve. As we move into the New Year, why not think about how you can use your time to become your best feminist self with our top five feminist new year’s resolutions!

1) Make it intersectional

If your feminism isn’t for everyone then who is it for? Start the year with a bit of self-reflection and take some time to check your privilege. Think about the advantages you have that others may not. As you move forward into 2016 with your feminist resolutions in hand, make sure that you follow each one with an intersectional perspective in mind.

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