How Journalists can use

How to create your own online journalism portfolio at 
It is becoming increasingly important for journalists to have an online portfolio of their work in order to share content and appeal to potential employers. While I use this site for my personal blog and to provide links to work which is published online, I have also recently showcased some of my top stories at is one of the only sites created just for journalists and they aim to help you take control of your own work and build your personal brand. 
Sign up to the free service (limited to 12 stories) or one of the paid monthly subscriptions at and start creating your own journalism portfolio.
Customise: There’s no need to understand web coding or anything complicated, with a ready made template and professional design taken care of. Choose your own background and profile image and fill in your personal details; including skills, links to your website, social networking, contact information and CV (resume).
Upload Stories: For each story you upload you can input your own title, publishing date, excerpt description and image. You can upload manually or link to a website URL, including multimedia content, or PDF and Word documents using sites such as 
If using the free service, make the most of the limited archive by choosing the best format for each upload, linking to multiple stories at one URL, and choosing your best stories to showcase. is also offering a unique referral scheme. By inviting others you both get an additional 5 stories worth of bonus space added to your account. Sign up using this link and you’ll automatically get your first 5 bonus stories!

Back-Up: One of the risks of linking to work published online is that the link can expire or the website can go down. For pro users, automatically backs up each of your stories as a PDF which can be accessed and downloaded from your archive.
This simple and easy to use service is a great way for journalists to display their work and appeal to potential employers. By providing back-links to your stories you are also increasing their visibility and expanding your personal brand. 

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